CCR Side-mount Diving Mexico

At Mexico Underground we offer all levels of training using the SF2 Rebreather in Sidemount configuration. As Sidemount diving has gained popularity in the last few years it seems only natural that divers enjoying the benefits sidemount diving offers in an open circuit setup that they can apply the use of a ccr rebreather into their configuration.

Cave diving in Mexico is relatively shallow but with a labyrinth of passages and long liner penetrations the rebreather becomes a great tool to push further into the cave systems here in Mexico and around the world.

The sidemount rebreather of choice at Mexico Underground is the SF2 rebreather made in Germany, information can be found on the SF2 on our rebreather section of the website.

We offer training on the SF2 sidemount CCR with Technical Diving International (TDI)

TDI SF2 sidemount rebreather diver
TDI SF2 sidemount decompression rebreather diver
TDI SF2 sidemount trimix rebreather diver
TDI SF2 sidemount advanced trimix rebreather diver
TDI SF2 sidemount Full cave rebreather diver

Our Rebreather Instructor Trainer Mathew Partridge can also provide training for Instructors at all the above levels.

For further information on learning to Sidemount dive with the SF2 Rebreather please send us an email where we are happy to help.