Basic Side-mount Diving Mexico

If you are interested in learning Sidemount diving then it is best to take the basic Sidemount course with a Sidemount instructor with extensive knowledge in all the configuration options, Sidemount harness setup and skills sets you need to dive in a well constructed Sidemount configuration.

Students often arrive for cave training here in Mexico with us planning to complete their course in Sidemount but have self taught mostly from the internet, this often requires our cave instructors to spend at least two days tidying up harness rigs and running basic skills sets that would have all been covered during the basic Sidemount class.

Our basic Sidemount training course is run over 3 full days and includes 6 training dives.

The class is designed for:
 Divers preparing to undertake cave or technical diver training here in Mexico, and who want to do so using sidemount.
 Certified cave or technical divers who want to transition from back mount to sidemount.
Whether to take this course through SDI or TDI will depend on your past training and experience, and on your future goals. If, for example, you have no prior technical diver training and experience, and you do not anticipate exceeding accepted recreational diving limits, you will most likely take this course through SDI. On the other hand, if you see yourself doing deep technical dives or if you are interested in diving in overhead environments, you may find yourself in the TDI Sidemount Diver course.

Depending on your prior experience, this course may address a few topics, such as the use of stage and deco bottles, which you may not be familiar with and that is okay; this will have no bearing on your ability to complete the course successfully since you will learn all of the required areas during your training.

Throughout this course, when you see us refer to cave diving, understand that these techniques and procedures generally apply to a overhead-environment diving, including:
 Advanced wreck penetration
 Mine diving
 Diving in any other environment in which divers may have to travel for some distance horizontally before making a direct ascent to the surface.
This course involves four things:
 Self-study
 Classroom discussion
 Confined-water skill development (optional)
 Open-water application
 What and why of sidemount diving
 Equipment for sidemount diving
 Configuring sidemount equipment
 Sidemount diving skills and procedures

You will find each of these sections broken down into several individual sessions, which discuss a number of things in detail.
Mexico is an amazing place to learn Sidemount diving, here at Mexico-Underground we run our basic sidemount classes in the local cenotes close by Tulum the entrances to the most spectacular caves in the world. We have year round diving that is a perfect environment to master your basic Sidemount skills sets and enjoy the amazing caverns here in Mexico.

We do have rental equipment for Sidemount diving available but strongly recommend that each student has their own Sidemount harness for class as a lot of time is spend setting up the rig and ensuring it fits correctly.

For further information on basic sidemount training please feel free to drop us an email.