Advanced Side-mount Diving Mexico

Having taken either your basic sidemount or cave training in sidemount you may wish to extend your skills set by taking the advanced Sidemount class. This program is really designed for the cave explorer and technical diver who would like to penetrate into more restricted overhead environments or make technical level dives using decompression gases using the sidemount configuration.

Our class synopsis requires the diver to choose either advanced Sidemount for cave diving or advanced Sidemount for technical diving, it is possible to learn all techniques but divers will have to extend the time required to complete the program.

At Mexico Underground we run the advanced sidemount course over five full days and conduct 8 training dives.

During the training we will cover:

1. Psychological Considerations
a. Task loading
b. Zero visibility conditions
2. Equipment Considerations
a. Stage cylinder options
b. Stage rigging configuration options
c. Buoyancy compensator device (BCD) / harness options
d. D-ring placement, stage clipping positions
e. Proper weighting for trim
f. Regulator configurations
g. Helmet use
3. Physiology
a. Breathing techniques
b. Stress management
4. Tight Spaces/ Restrictions
a. Limits on number of restrictions
b. Pre/post restrictions checks
c. Passing equipment
d. A-framing and back-outs
e. Stage Removal
f. No mount
g. Entanglement
5. Problem Solving
a. Emergency procedures
b. Equipment failure
c. Silting conditions.
d. Critical skills in “zero visibility” (stage handling and placement/ gas sharing)
6. Gas Management and Switching Protocols

We do have rental equipment for Sidemount diving available but strongly recommend that each student has their own Sidemount harness for class as a lot of time is spend setting up the rig and ensuring it fits correctly.

For further information on basic sidemount training please feel free to drop us an email.