SF2 ECCR Rebreather @ Mexcio Underground

At Mexico Underground we offer all levels of training on the SF2 ECCR in both backmount and Sidemount via both TDI. SF2 Rebreathers are available to hire for students wishing to take their training before buying their own unit.

Having been attracted to the SF Rebreather when it was designed as a PSCR I decided to train on the ECCR SF2 rebreather as it was adapted to both a backmount and Sidemount rebreather suited to both ocean wreck and cave diving. The lightweight carbon fiber body makes it great for travel. The rebreather has a no tools keep it simple approach It has an internally protected counter lung ideal for overhead dives as it protected by the rebreather body this also allows for a very streamlined configuration similar to that of diving with doubles in a DIR fashion. The unit has a very well thought out electronic head running with the Jaksa solenoid running three oxygen sensors with a Shearwater CANBUS controller and addition monitor of the end user choice, either a petrel, Shearwater NERD or regular HUD. The ADV is an Apeks second stage provides smooth injection and simple service.

The unit can be purchased in ether a back mounted version a side-mount version either fully complete ready to dive or in a stripped version for divers who already own regulator first stages, wing, back plate and harness. Whichever unit you decide to start out with its easy to purchase an upgrade kit to switch between back or side systems.


  • Carbon fiber Canister designs allowing for multiple cylinder configurations.
  • Backmount or Sidemount configuration
  • Shearwater Petrel CANBUS Constant PPO2 controller.
  • Shearwater Petrel, NERD or HUD as secondary monitor
  • Internal protected counter-lung design.
  • O2 and Diluent manual addition valves with off-board pluggable gas option.
  • Axial scrubber
  • Apeks Automatic Diluent addition valve.
  • Quick snap tank attachments
  • Standard 9v battery power supply
  • Live Decompression trimix enable dive computer

At Mexico underground we offer full training and dealer support for the SF2 it’s a suburb rebreather for all level technical dives especially cave so if your interested to try the unit or become trained on the SF2 please feel free to write us with any questions we are always happy to help.