Scooter Diving /DPV’s at Mexico Underground.

Underwater scooters / DPV’s are heaps of fun and add a whole new dimension to your dives here in Mexico. You may have seen or tried the basic dive vehicles or seen other divers whizzing around underwater on a scooter, if your interested to rent a unit for your dive or receive formal training then at Mexico Underground we offer DPV training at basic level, technical level (none overhead) and full cave levels, we also have DPV’s to rent for individuals suitable trained in their use.

Driver propulsion Vehicles or DPV’S not only add a world of fun and a new dimension to your diving but also they can help a technical diver or cave diver further explore the underworlds safety. At Mexico Underground we enjoy to offer our fully trained cave divers the opportunity to enjoy the worlds best caves, here in Mexico while chilling behind the trigger, a great way to see much more of the cave then you can with the most powerful of fins on the market. A scooter/DPV allows the diver to conserve energy, reduce gas volumes used and reduces carbon dioxide build up while diving all adding to the pleasure and safety of your technical or cave dive. There are many different brands of DPV on the market some more suited to tech and cave diving, we have a few different models for you to try while you’re here, we can also offer all level DPV training from beginner to full cave DPV diver and Instructor.

If you would like to book a scooter cave diver or training in the Mexican underworlds please feel free to fire us an email we will be happy to help!

Who should take what program?

The TDI basic DPV Course provides the training required to competently and safely execute dives using an underwater diver propulsion vehicle to a maximum depth of forty(40) msw with no decompression and is open to sport divers looking to learn the basic in scooter setup, operation, potential failures and dive planning and execution within their current certification levels.

The objective of the technical level course is to train divers in the benefits, hazards and proper procedures when using a DPV for decompression dives in open environments.

The third option is available for suitably trained full cave divers looking to extended their cave diving on open circuit or rebreather using technical DPV’S

The TDI DPV courses are conducted over three to five days and cover essential skills a diver requires to execute safe scooter dives at the relevant level. The courses are broken down into classroom sessions, unit workshops, dry dives and actual training dives; full class synopsis can be emailed on request.

What Is Included in our programs.
DPV Rental, Instruction and training materials.

DPV daily Rental charges can be found on our main price list.

DPV Training at Mexico-underground

TDI Technical DPV Diver
TDI Full Cave DPV Diver

TDI DPV Instructor Training all levels