Rebreather Diving in Mexico and CCR in the Caves

Many divers have made the switch to diving with CCR offering longer dive times, optimal decompression and more aquatic adventures. At Mexico Underground we fully support rebreather divers looking to travel with their rebreather to Mexico. We have a selection of rebreather tanks in both 3ltr and 5.5ltr supplies along with plenty of bailout bottles available for rent. We have boosted oxygen filing to 200 bar and plenty of dive sorb for your trip.

Not all rebreather diving prepares divers for cavern or cave diving with the rebreather as this type of diving requires exemplary balance and trim along with special techniques and procedures to safely dive using the rebreather. For this Mexico Underground offers workshops, cave CCR cross over classes and full cave diver training on CCR along with all open environment training on many leading Rebreathers from beginner to advanced mixed gas levels.

Some of the deeper caves and long penetration cave dives make for great rebreather dives, nearly all the popular cave dive sites can be explored using your rebreather, so if you enjoy diving your rebreather theirs no reason to go back to open circuit to have a fantastic cave divingexperience here in Mexico.

Rebreather Support and Training at Mexico Underground

Our head Tech and Cave here at Mexico Underground is Instructor Trainer Mathew Partridge, he has been diving Rebreathers since 1996 and has logged several thousand hours on multiple units in a range of environments from deep wreck to caves in both tropical and cold waters.

This section of our website is aimed at providing the traveling rebreather with the recourses a CCR diver requires when traveling to diving in Mexico.

The Caves in Mexico are a great place to spend hours diving your rebreather allowing you to see many areas of the caves that are simply quite advanced for the OC diver. Our guides are all experienced rebreather cave divers so you a rest assured that logistics, planning and dive execution are all at our highest priority.

Mexico Underground provides training from module one factory approved classes to Advanced Trimix CCR and Full Cave Rebreather/CCR for those looking to train on hire Rebreathers we are able to rent the JJ-CCR, Hammerhead CCR, Megalodon CCR and the SF2 CCR.

Mexico provides are super laid back environment to become trained as a rebreather diver more information on the course pre-requisites can be found on our training pages But please feel free if you would like to email us regarding your rebreather needs or CCR training requirements here in Mexico, as we are more than happy to help

Our Rebreather Support

  • Full Cave Rebreather Training and Support
  • Sofnolime
  • Boosted Technical Gases
  • Rebreather Cylinder rental
  • Bailout gas supply
  • Spare and service
  • Training on the JJ CCR, Hammerhead CCR, Megalodon CCR, SF2 CCR and more..

Notice: RegardingFull Cave CCR Training

With a number of changes in cave rebreather programs agency standards now require the rebreather cave Instructor conducting cave CCR programs to be an Instructor on the unit they will be using during class and a minimum of a decompression diver on the CCR the student will be using during the rebreather cave course.

Therefore at this current time we can teach full cave CCR programs to divers looking for training on the following units: