At Mexico Underground we are able to provide Technical and Cave Instructor development and Internships with our Instructor Trainer Mathew Partridge.

Matt is able to offer professional training at all levels of instructor here in Mexico, including Full Cave Instructor, Rebreather Instructor and all Open circuit back mount and Sidemount Instructor levels with several leading diving agencies.

We have been conducting Instructor training since 2001 with the aim to produce resourceful, skilled and knowledgeable Instructors at each level. We work with a limited number of candidates each year to ensure they get the training and attention to detail expected of each instructor program. Candidates are coached through each curriculum and evaluated regular to ensure progression in each diving area.

We run a handful of Instructor Internships allowing each Cave or Tech Interns to get hands on teaching experience for information on our internships or instructor training please fee free to contact us we are always happy to help.

For more information on each Instructor level please view our tech and cave navigation under Professional Training levels for standards and class pre-requisits.