tdi_4color-LogoLG Mexico Underground & TDI Introduction-to-Tech Diver

The TDI Intro to tech program is designed to highlight the different areas of technical diving available and bridges the gap from recreational training to cave and technical diving. We develop the minimum skills and knowledge for a student to start cavern diving and overhead environment diving within the limits of their current certification, start rebreather diving or enter into extended range deeper diving program. At Mexico Underground our experienced instructors will spend time chatting through the different equipment considerations available, the best path to suit your diving now and in the future, cover the fundamentals of advanced diving including cave control, balance, buoyancy and Trim and advanced propulsion skills for diving in overhead environments. The time and money spent is valuable and sets you up for success in you cave and technical classes if you haven’t prior experience in technical diving.

The Introduction to tech in not intended to provide instruction for cave diving environments unless you choose to combine the introduction to cavern, intro cave or Sidemount classes

At Mexico Underground we run the Intro to tech program over 3 days, 6 days if combined with cavern or intro cave diver you would add just two days on top of the class.

The class fee includes all logistics and training materials, we highly recommend purchasing and owning your own equipment for cave and technical diving but would like to show you a verity of gear during the workshop so you can make educated selections for you.

After taking and completing my TDI Intro to tech Diver certification what can I do next?

TDI Cavern Diver
TDI Introduction to cave diver
TDI Full Cave diver
TDI Advanced Nitrox or decompression diver
TDI Sidemount diver

Breathing System
– Backgas Reg Set.
– Sidemount Reg Set
– CCR. Rebreather
Deco Regulators
Stage Bailout Regulators
Mask + Back up Wetnote Book or Slate
Dive computer & Bottom Timer Compass
Appropriate exposure suit
Suit – Hoot – Boots – Drysuit
Full Bladded Fins.
Preferable with Spring Heel Straps
Wing / Backplate / Sidemount System
2 Cutting Tools Complete Rebreather for Rebreather Training.
Student Prerequisites TDI Intro Tech Course
MINIMUM AGE Be a minimum age of eighteen (18)
MIN DRIVER LEVEL Open Water Divers
AMOUNT OF DIVES 25 logged Divers
COURSE DURATION 3 days including 4 dives to a maximum depth of 130fsw/40msw
EQUIPMENTS / SYSTEM Open Circuit twin set. Sidemount and Rebreather