Diving in the Yucatan with Mexico Underground.

Cave Diving in Mexico is available all year round with the best weather and season being from November to February, during this time things can get a bit more expensive but that’s the same everywhere when the weathers great and the diving too. There is still plenty of accommodation but you may need to book in advance to secure a room. The rainy season is generally September and October and it can get very hot and humid as well as lots of mosquitos, on occasion during these two months the caves can flood so we would recommend trying to avoid this period.

There are lots of ocean dive sites around Mexico with an array of marine life and adventures but as a specialist cave diving facility we do not offer local beach or boat dives.

The Cenotes or entrances to the underworld used by the Mayans as sacrificial burial sites, a place of offering to their gods are now sink holes that allow access to the labyrinth’s of what was once dry cave passages, now flooded with fresh and salt water that offer a majestic experience for those divers willing to venture into the amazing cave systems in this area.

Since the late 1990’s cave divers and explores have been extensively diving and connecting many systems in Mexico. Several books and many detailed maps have been produced and in over two decades there is still plenty left to explore. The main attraction caves and must dive sites have plenty of amenities including toilets, showers, snack bars and good road access. For the diver looking for more adventure you can still get way out into the jungle and venture into the underworld explored by only a few.

One of the great things about cave diving in Mexico is you can run at your own pace, your guide will arrange logistics, provide a detailed dive briefing and then allow you plenty of time to gear up and make your dive, most days of diving are two dives but normally longer in duration around 60-90 minutes each and more technically challenging dives can run longer if suitably trained and experienced.

The cenotes of Mexico offer something for everyone while you may wish to conduct a long cave dive your family and friends may wish to just bath in the blue lagoons and soak up the sun while you enjoy your dives.

Some of the popular dives sites include:

  • Choc Mool
  • Taj Mahal
  • Minotauro
  • Dos Ojos
  • Nohoch Nah Chich
  • Temple of Doom
  • Sac Aktun (Gran Cenote)
  • Vaca Ha
  • Tortuga
  • Car Wash
  • Naharon
  • Mayan Blue
  • The Pit

A typical day diving the Cenotes& Caves with Mexico Underground.

Between 8am & 8:30am meet at base, equipment check, short briefing before leaving for the Cenotes.

  • Arrival to the dive site, familiarization with the area, dive briefing & gear up
  • 1st dive, dive time approx. 55min TTS
  • Surface interval, debriefing, refuel, prepare for the 2nd dive.
  • Plan and listen to dive briefing 2, dive time Approx. 55min.
  • Exiting the water, debriefing, disassemble kit, load the trucks, drive back to base.
  • Return between 3-5pm (depending on what Cenotes are scheduled that day and travel time)

The Mexican Caves are easily accessed, mostly shallow around 12m average depth with good visibility and warm temperatures of around 25 degrees allowing long penetration dives and excellent conditions for training dives.

Many of the dive sites are privately owned and charge a minimal entry fee ranging between $10 to $15 dollars local. At some of the sites you will find toilets and changing rooms, most sites have a platforms and ladders in which to enter and exit the water, with parking close by.

During your time you can plan with your guide or instructor what type of cave dive you would like to make maybe it’s a long penetration using scooters and rebreathers or just target the spectacular and more photographic spots taking your time to enjoy the scenic beauty and grab a few awesome cave shots.

Many of our customers return and fall in love with the diving in Mexico, there are several projects running year round mapping, surveying and exploring new caves, if this is something you are interested in then of course feel free to ask we always need a helping hand.

At Mexico Underground we ensure safety and conservation so divers looking to dive the caves of Mexico must understand there are some local rules and regulations to ensure the welfare of our divers and the environments we dive. Some of these include:

GENERAL RULES: No knives, Gloves or Snorkels. Touch nothing, take nothing, leave nothing. Streamline Equipment: no dangling bits, No grabbing or pulling on speleothems. Try not to touch or disturb sediments or mark them in any way.

Position and buoyancy control are key to good, safe and enjoyable cavern and cave diving. The divers’ position should be horizontal, preventing the legs and fins dropping and stirring up sediments from the floor of the cavern. As well divers should be practiced in appropriate propulsion technique such as the frog kick to push the water to the sides and not to the ceiling or the floor.


For further information on cave diving with us or training in cave diving techniques please feel free to contact us we are always happy to answer your questions.

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