Cave and Technical Training at Mexico Underground

At Mexico Underground all Courses are run to the highest standards ensuring divers are capable of diving or teaching to their certification level. It is important to understand that all certifications are earned and not brought when paying your class fee’s, and in some circumstances students are required to take additional days of training to meet the class standards.

All students must show good skill mastery and understanding at each level set out by the relevant training organization before certification can be awarded. Many of our courses have an online learning options this helps minimize the classroom time allowing for more in-water time, for many this can be a big time saver avoiding long days in the classroom when at base, we will always forward students the material for this option at the time of booking to best prepare you for your chosen class.

We conduct most of our Technical and Cave training via Technical Diving International but are not limited to just TDI we work with instructors who have training from other organizations and recognize certifications from IANTD, GUE, UTD ANDI, BSAC/CMAS, NACD, NSSCDS, CDG, CDAA and PADI.

TDI – Technical Diving International

TDI was formed in 1995 by Bret Gillian and is now the world’s largest technical diving agency offering all level technical courses from basic Nitrox to Mixed Gas Rebreather and full cave programs. Mexico Underground is a training facility offering all TDI courses at both Instructor and diver levels with Head Quarters Evaluator and Instructor Trainer Mathew Partridge.

TDI is a flexible diving agency, allowing instructor the opportunity to structure courses more specifically to the needs of the customer and logistics available. At Mexico Underground we have customized our tech and cave programs over the last two decades, providing comprehensive training with the most up-to-date technology and procedures incorporated into our classes. TDI has great online learning platforms along with a full range of student manuals and other support materials that can be obtained via your TDI regional office or instructor, many of their books are available in many languages, you may find useful if English is not your native language.

Rebreather Training

Mexico Underground are able to offer training on several closed circuit rebreathers. Our base offers all the logistics a traveling rebreather diver may need including onboard cylinders, plenty of bailout supply tanks for rent, dive sorb and tools and spares, We can supply boosted oxygen and helium. We have several units available for your rebreather class to hire, please contact us for availability. We currently offer all levels rebreather training from TDI & IART from level one (Mod 1) end user to advanced mixed gas and all cave courses on CCR. Classes run year round and normally take between 5-7 days to complete.

DSAT – Diving Science and Technology

DSAT is the technical training branch of PADI and launched into the technical diver training market in 2001. The materials for the courses follow PADI’s excellence and standardized approach and they provide some of the best technical training materials on the market. The courses are very structured. The perfect advancement for those with existing recreational and professional level education in the PADI system.

At Mexico underground we do offer recreational diving programs but as a technical facility it is not our specialty. We can of course organize all the normal PADI programs or SDI programs on request.