Cave CCR Rebreather @ Mexico-Underground

At Mexico Underground we offer all level cave rebreather training with TDI at all diver and instructor levels.

About our cave Rebreather training

Rebreathers have gained popularity over the last two decades among the sport technical and cave diving community, it is our aim to support this in providing extensive and progressive cave rebreather training programs for individuals looking to gain the knowledge and skills sets required to safely plan and execute overhead cave dives on closed circuit rebreather. Mexico is a great place to home in you skills as you can really spend the hours in water to master the skills set required of diving CCR inside a cave.

There are currently two levels of cave CCR diver (Level 1 Cave CCR similar to intro to cave on a rebreather and the full cave rebreather certification plus a range of cave specialties) that once trained to dive caves on rebreather you can take on the CCR. It is an option for already certified cave divers to cross over to cave CCR once experience is gained on the rebreather.

Cave Rebreather – are you ready?

You need to already been trained and have experience diving Rebreathers, it is required that you have between 50 and 100 hours diving your CCR and feel comfortable with your normal diving and emergency skills sets, often we need to revisit some of this to ensure compatibility in the cave environment. Our cave instructor trainer Mathew Partridge has been diving rebreather in caves extensively since 2001 and in our programs he is able to pass on a wealth of knowledge gained from over 2,000 cave rebreather dives. Mexico has a wide verity of different caves enabling us to expose students to many environments during training, skills sets are as realistic as possible to gain experience in a controlled but challenging manner over the 9-10 days of training.

CCR Skills sets we covered in our cave rebreather programs:

  • In water safety drill
  • Stage and decompression bottle use / switching
  • Bailout Exits (normal and lost visibility)
  • Following a guideline without visibility (no monitoring CCR)
  • Out of Gas Diver situations
  • Semi closed rebreather mode
  • Flood Recovery of the CCR
  • Buoyancy Devise failures
  • Manual Flight control exit
  • No O2 liner swims
  • When to use off-board pluggable gas
  • BOOM drills! Fixable and None fixable failures
  • Distance swim checks
  • In water sensor verification check for cell linearity
  • Rebreather Rescue
  • Lots more…

CCR Skills sets we cover in our cave rebreather program:

  • Laying techniques
  • Position and self-control
  • Navigation
  • Following a guideline and placement of markers
  • Communication
  • Propulsion methods
  • Primary light failure
  • Switching to back up mask
  • Distance swim /time checks for gas management
  • Out of Gas situations
  • Entanglement in line
  • Lost Line
  • Lost teammate search
  • Touch contact / loss of viability
  • Correct use of the spool to make a jump from the mainline
  • Complex Navigation
  • Lots more…

If your interested in gaining certification as a full cave rebreather diver here in Mexico @ Mexico-Underground then please feel free to contact us for full details, we will be happy to forward you our class synopsis and answer any questions you may have regarding cave training on CCR